Commercial Building Inspections – Important Information

ASTM sets the standard for commercial property condition assessments. ASTM is the American Society of Testing and Measurement and is the prominent organization for setting the standards for non-residential building components. Building inspection reports must have a standard under which the inspection is performed. The standard for commercial building inspections is ASTM E-2018, Property Condition Assessments. E-2018 outlines the protocol for how a commercial Property Condition Assessment should be performed. Home inspection standards are inadequate for commercial building inspections. The ASTM standard includes important items that most inspectors omit such as interviews of building managers, review of permit history and an opinion on costs of repairs.

Reports should be thorough and relevant. Information in a Property Condition Report should be both useful and relevant. Reports from specialty trades such as HVAC and roofs should be included. Less experienced inspectors are likely to either under-inspect, where important deficiencies have been overlooked, or over-inspect, where irrelevant issues are raised. Owner, Tod Harris has the experience and knowledge to know what to include and exclude in a Property Condition Report.

Education must be relevant and on-going. The knowledge base required to evaluate the multiple building components of commercial structures is vast, and building technology is continuously changing. Home inspector training is inadequate for commercial building inspections. SightLine, LLC is committed to quality education, and Owner, Tod Harris continually gains knowledge of commercial structures through education programs and membership in the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). Tod is CDT (Construction Documents Technologist) certified through CSI and he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management. Tod continues to be active with CSI and is past-president of the local chapter.

Commercial construction experience is essential. Understanding the components and systems in commercial buildings requires experience and training. The systems involved in commercial buildings are different and more complex than those in houses. SightLine, LLC is founded on real construction experience.